Exide Ceil Plante BATTERY RANGE


Exide (India) Plante cells after a deep discharge can also be recharged quickly by applying the Starting Rates mentioned  in the table. However,  currents will  have to be reduced to the Finishing Rate once individual cells attain a voltage level of 2.36 volts. Care will also have to be taken so that electrolyte temperature does not exceed the maximum of 50°C in which case the charging has to be discontinued until the temperature drops below 40°C. Charging may be resumed at the finishing rate from this point.


Equalizing charge

Periodical Equalising  Charge to be done, depending  on the Float Voltage, by charging at Constant Current Charge at Finishing Rate,  upto 2. 75vpc, till Sp. Gravity reaches steady value and all cells gas freely, followed by a Constant Current Charge at half the Finishing  rate for 16 to 24 hours