Specialised Battery Systems is a philosophy focusing on the standby power segment of the battery market.

Specialised Battery Systems has been able to direct all efforts into creating one of the most responsive and competitive companies in our industry.

Understanding the critical nature of the markets and being a company in constant evolution we are able to give and serve our customers with the personal attention that they deserve. When you buy a battery back up system to support sensitive applications you are really buying security and peace of mind.

The Specialised Battery Systems product lines cover a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications and computer back up to security and alarm systems.

We design and assemble both standard and customised battery cabinets and rack systems for clients’ individual requirements. In the battery back up business the two key words are reliable and competitive. Specialised Battery Systems has committed itself to this business.


  23 Golden Drive, Morehill Ext.8
  Benoni, Gauteng, 1501


23 Golden Drive, Morehill Ext.8
Benoni, Gauteng, 1501

Tel : +27 11 425 3447
Fax : +27 11 425 4433

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